I needed to replace a tube in my projector, which turned out to require some tinkering. Here's how I did it.

Be warned that if you attempt this yourself you may damage yourself or your projector and so forth.

Be sure to unplug the projector first!!

Looking at the tube to be replaced.

The HV (high voltage) wires

from each tube go to the DC block.

Pop the insulator back,

then push down and turn..

And the wire comes loose.

Remove these four screws..

And pull away the

lens assembly.

Take these two screws out.. the top hinges out of the way.

I used tape to hold the top up

while I worked (this photo was actually taken after the tube was swapped)

These four bolts hold the tube in.

Some of the plastic rings

had gotten "glued" on from time and needed to be pried off.

Showing the tubes

side by side. Guess which is the new one.

I needed to desolder this cap

and put it on the new HV wire because my new tube didn't have one.

Prying off the old cap

after desoldering.

The cap on the new wire,

pre-solder. I didn't make the crimp-on hold well enough, which caused disaster that took lots of time to fix. I would just buy a new cap, I found one through Curtis online.

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