I managed to scavenge some screens from a cinema house. I setup this page to chronicle the building of my screen.
Cutting the Fabric
After much consternation, I decide to cut the screen fabric - this section is 9.5'x12.5', and is less than a third of the full screen size. Fortunately I have a second screen.. :)
Brilliant solution
At first I have great difficulty with trying to move the fabric to sew it. Then I invert the problem and come up with a snifty solution
Grommets attached
I've taken the grommets off the sides and sewn them onto the bottom.
The screen is... backwards!
Augh. I'll fix it in the morning. But damn, it's huge.
My neon Theater sign
taken from outside my front window through the perforations in the screen, neat effect..
I try again.
The screen needs to be attached to the PVC, but the PVC needs to rotate, so I find some appliance casters, and now it rolls up and down.
I try again again.
The 6" PVC I was using was two pieces connected together, and the connection was causing a bulge in the screen. I weld the bar together so I can fit 4" pipe which I find in the right length
I raise the screen.
Which is not easy..
CinemaDave, finally up.
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