C i n e m a D a v e 

t h e   S c r e e n 

When I first got the CinemaDave projector, I was in a dinky apartment, so I couldn't project a large screen. I found an 80" electric screen on sale which perfectly fit the small wallspace I had.

I moved into a much larger place and I started projecting on one of the walls, with a current screen diagonal of about 14 feet (9'x12' - 108 sq ft).

But my dream was always to project onto a real screen. On 4/10/2001, that dream came true - I found someone in New Jersey who pulled some original Hurley screens from a 12 theatre cinema house. The screen was 16'x28' and I happened to notice it just as it went up on ebay with a Buy-It-Now price of $99. Sold!

He actually had two screens (one was 14'x26'), so I bought both of them and spent almost two months trying to figure out how to get them shipped to the other side of the country, considering they can't be folded.

Screen info: Hurley 9/15/1988 W.O. 59613, Type Super, 14'6" x 26"

I cut one of the screens to mount in the front of my house. The other one is being saved for the day I finally fulfill my dream of moving into a warehouse, and one wall will be the theater (I can't even unroll the entire screen in my current place.. :)

For more info, see the CinemaDave album.